The Economical Benefits of Buying American Made Sex Toys


There are many reasons to buy and sell Tsx Toys, but one of the biggest reasons is the overall economical benefits you gain when you buy American made sex toys as opposed to purchasing in bulk, overseas. I’ve outlined exactly what you stand to gain when you decide to work with American made Tsx Toys below.

Lower Costs

You might not think it’s cheaper to stay domestic than to buy from China, but after all of the freight costs and huge bulk purchase minimum requirements, it actually comes out to nearly the same, if not a little bit less because buying domesticate has cheaper freight costs and, if you purchase from Tsx Toys, a lower minimum purchase requirement. If your decide to develop a product (or products) with us, the creative minimums are very reasonable as well and less of a risk (read on below to see what I mean).

Higher Quality

When you purchase from another country, especially China or India, there’s no guarantee of quality like you would have if you purchased domestically. Once your purchase from another country, you have to wait until you receive your merchandise to see if there are any issues with the shipment. Once received, though, it’s obviously going to be much more difficult to send defective or incorrect items back and even longer wait time for the right product to arrive again. At Tsx Toys, we put careful attention and efforts towards ensuring you receive quality products.

The Economical Impact

When you purchase overseas, you are sending money out of the country and into another country’s economical pocket. Despite some companies claiming they manufacture their products in the USA, many of them don’t. They say “made in USA,” but what they really mean is “manufactured in China and packaged and distributed in USA.” With Tsx Toys, you can be sure that from our designs to our product manufacturing, everything is done domestically within the USA.

When you purchase domestically, that money goes back into building the economy, supplying jobs to other Americans, and everything is made right here in the USA so you’ll get your order faster and have better support if you need assistance. Speaking of assistance…when you buy from Tsx Toys, we help you build your own brand and company name by offering a FREE private labeling service which allows you to put your name and logo on all the products so you can promote your brand’s store and/or website!

Lower Risk of Product Undercutting & Unethical Business

A big issue, likely the biggest issue, with buying from China or another country is that you run the risk of being undercut and pushed straight out of your own market. This happens because you’ve sent your product designs to a foreign manufacturer who then takes those designs, reproduces them, and puts them on the market for cheaper than you are offering them. If not, they sell your designs to someone who does this, effectively making it near impossible for you to sell your product(s). By buying domestically, there is a much lower risk of this happening where such practices are frowned upon and where business standards and practices are much higher.

Overall, you will absolutely benefit from buying domestically, whether you purchase from Tsx Toys or someone else, but certainly we think you should buy from us!

Feel free to leave a comment below and we will answer them as promptly as we are able.

If you have any specific questions or concerns or would like to submit an order via fax or phone, feel free to contact us at  or via phone at Toll Free 1.877.522.6969 and we’ll be happy to help.

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