Happy Fourth of July from TSX Toys!


Happy Independence Day from all of us here at TSX!

Whether you’re a consumer or a business, there are many reasons to buy/sell American made goods. For one, you support and give back to your own economy which supports your country. The quality is usually much better than products produced in places like China and India because it’s usually not mass-produced. Add to that the fact that you help support and create jobs for your fellow Americans and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose American made every time!

We are one of the few truly American made in the USA from inception to production sex toy manufacturers and we work tirelessly to produce quality designed products that you can be proud to buy and/or sell. We hope to continue to be on the cutting edge of the adult toy industry by creating awesome custom sex toys which support you, your economy and your country.

You can learn more about the economical benefit of buying TSX Toys – HERE.

We wish you the best 4th of July yet!

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