Why American Made TSX Toys Are Better For Your Customers + Your Business


You might be wondering why you should purchase TSX Toys (for your business or as a customer) as opposed to purchasing from some of our competitors so I thought I’d share a few things that mark a clear difference between us and them.

All Aspects of Our Toy Designs and Creation Are Done In the USA.

First off, TSX Toys are actually made in the USA. Our toy designs are done here in the states by Americans, our product materials (except for components) are made here and we make all of the toys in our in-house warehouse here in sunny California. Many product manufacturers will claim their products are made in the USA when they are actually only “packaged and distributed” here. What that means is that they receive the toys already made from China (or some other offshore manufacturer) and simply put the toys into their packaging once they arrive.

Our Toys Are More Creative + Higher Quality Made.

All of that said, there are a few toy companies who actually do make a few of their “classic realistic” toy designs here in the states, but I can promise you that we do it better for a number of reasons. Our designs are higher quality, more refined and creative, and they’re, on the whole, prettier to look at. They’re also designed with the user in mind so you (or your customers) can rest assured that we’ve actually made a toy specifically for them. We put a lot of research and development into the design of our toys and we actually listen to customer feedback.

We’re Still the Cheaper Option.

Aside from all of those wonderful benefits, I want to share the final bottom line reason with you all and that is: our products are cheaper. That’s right; despite being made right here in the USA (and not in China), our products are still offered to you (the customer and businesses) at cheaper prices than our competitors. So, despite being more cheaply made and to a lower standard than our products, their products are still more expensive for you to purchase. We offer a fair price for our goods and services and we hope that trickles down to everyone, from the business end to the customers.

A little recap of why TSX Toys are superior to competitors: 

  • We off more creative design options and at a higher quality than our competitors.
  • All stages of design, creation, and shipment are done here in the USA and give jobs to other hardworking Americans.
  • Our toy designs are designed specifically for our customers, with their needs, expectations, and requests in mind.
  • Despite being made here in the states, our designs are actually much cheaper (by several dollars, not cents) than our competitors to purchase, both on the wholesale end and the customer end.

Overall, the numbers do not lie. You can see that our toys, from conception to completion, are the better choice and I’ll add one more reason for those who are not yet convinced. We offer private labeling services to businesses for FREE which means you can promote YOUR business and brand when you sell our toys! If you purchase from China, their packaging will have their websites all over it so you, essentially, end up promoting them. Not so with TSX Toys. We work hard to create quality toys you can be proud to sell that will promote your brand and that customers will love to buy over and over. Add to that all of our other benefits and affordable pricing and really there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

Please feel free to contact us about ordering for your stores/websites anytime by contacting us via email at Orders@TSXToys.com and Toll Free at 1.877.522.6969 and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re a regular customer, please bear with us while we get these circulated to various retailers and keep an eye out for them at your favorite adult retailer – they’ll be available to you VERY soon! 

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