Our Yiff Toy Selection Is Expanding!


I just wanted to share that we’ve recently expanded our yiff toy selection to include many variations of the Original Clifford Dong. We’ve added 4 NEW Super Clifford toys: Super Clifford Dildo (can included suction as shown above), Super Clifford Extension (top left), Super Clifford Double Dong (middle left), and the Super Clifford with Tail.

All of these toys are perfect for the yiff audience and furry fetish roleplaying.

This audience is somewhat niche, but seems to be expanding every year so it’s a great time to get in on it!

Please feel free to contact us about ordering for your stores/websites anytime by contacting us via email at Orders@TSXToys.com and Toll Free at 1.877.522.6969 and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re a regular customer, please bear with us while we get these circulated to various retailers and keep an eye out for them at your favorite adult retailer – they’ll be available to you VERY soon! 

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