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NEW IN: The Cocodrilo (Crocodile) Dildo



One of our newer animal dildo releases is the Cocodrilo (AKA Crocodile) Dildo which is modeled directly after the real thing! Stylized to be used by humans, the tapered tip comes to a point while the top end of the shaft includes a bulge that tapers down into a slightly smaller shaft. The back end of this toy includes textured crocodile-like scales for added stimulation and doubles as functional lube trails for longer lasting lubrication adherence.

Total Length: 7 3/4 Inches
Insertable Length: 6 1/4 Inches
Thickness (Largest Point): 6 7/8 Inches
Thickness (Smallest Point): 4 5/8 Inches

Made from non-phthalate PVC.
*Persons with allergies to latex, PVC, or urethane should not use this product. Novelty use only.

If you’re interested in carrying this item in your stores, please refer to the contact information below. If you’re a customer, you can request our items be carried at your local retailer or find this item online VERY SOON!

Please feel free to contact us about ordering for your stores/websites anytime by contacting us via email at Orders@TSXToys.com and Toll Free at 1.877.522.6969 and we’ll be happy to help.

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